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Caption (above): Lawrence Kansas Wedding Photographer, Ailecia Ruscin, showin' off her award for Best of The Knot 2013 pick for wedding photography. We won Best of the Knot 2014-2017 and The Knot Hall of Fame award for 4 consecutive years of winning Best of the Knot! Voted on by local brides! We are also honored to have won 1st Place for Photographers in the Best of Lawrence Awards 2016 & 2015 & 3rd Place in 2014 & 2017! We are currently 2nd Place in the 2018 Best of Lawrence Awards. We've also won the Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Awards 2015-2018.

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Oh! Snap! Photography (810 Pennsylvania - inside Cider Gallery) is a full service photography business based in Lawrence, KS specializing in wedding, portrait, and event photography and professional quality print-less, digital photobooths. Clients come to me because of my reputation and photographic style, which is hip, fun, candid, and vintage-inspired edgy. My wedding packages are reasonably priced and are all-inclusive with an engagement session and printless photobooth, with full printing rights and a USB drive with of all of your images. I offer unique, creative, documentary coverage of weddings, meaning I'm more likely to lurk on the side of the dance floor to catch that one natural smiling spin of a bride in her moment, then I am to walk up to you and ask you to smile and pose for the camera. I catch what I see, those glances, the smiles & tears, those classic un-posed moments of the day that show the true energy of the day. Many of my clients come to me because they don't want to be forced into some cheesy or awkward pose on their wedding day. I work hard with clients before the wedding, to get an idea of what kind of style you like, so that for the formal portraits I can pose you/not pose you in ways that feel natural for your personalities. Of course I also do posed family portraits and posed wedding party portraits--but only after I've learned more about your style so we are doing poses that you'd like to do. The rest of the day is really candid.

I love hearing feedback that I am both everywhere and also non-intrusive, I follow the pace of your day and work hard to leave you to enjoy your special day. On the wedding day me and my assistants are very intuitive on everyone's energy and work hard to keep things moving quickly and in a fun way. My shooting style is less than traditional, and hinged on that concept of the "decisive moment" -- those fleeting moments that need to be caught in the moment lest they look awkward to recreate. A flower girl being spun and twirled by her uncle on the dance floor, the look on a father's face when he sees his "little girl" all grown up and in her dress on the wedding day, the smiles and camaraderie between two moms excited for their sons' big day, or when a groom gets on his knees to talk to his wheel-chaired grandmother. Snap. Those are my moments. Unique and unplanned, they are the moments that make your day special and unique.

HOW TO BOOK: Send me a message through the CONTACT page. I'll email you back within 2-3 days, usually same day. I am unavailable usually Friday through Sunday but will return emails on Mondays and Tuesdays. Most important detail: what is your date? To check for availability for wedding photography, check below in the list of 2018-2019 wedding dates. Portrait, event, and photobooth clients, contact me to schedule an appointment or check for availability on a certain date. Phone calls are hard to catch, since I get so many telemarketing calls per day, I have a hard time stopping editing to catch phone calls. Email is best! 

Who is Oh Snap! Photography?
Hi! I'm Ailecia Ruscin, the head photographer/owner of Oh Snap! Photography. I will be the person taking photos on your special day and emailing you in between. I also work with a couple other 2nd shooters who can be added on to any wedding package. I do the editing for Oh Snap! and am responsible for creating that Oh Snap! look. I color correct every single frame thus, I am limited to shoot 30 or fewer weddings a year. Trained in film photography techniques at Pittsburgh Filmmakers in the mid-90's, I bring an old school aesthetic to projects and love to edit with a vintage edge. I bring years of experience working in professional photography labs to the table when editing images for clients. I got my start taking concert photos and have had the honor of photographing live performances of everyone from Kid Cudi and Die Antwoord to M.I.A. and Willie Nelson. My hobbies include: populating my Instagram feed w/ images of skies and rust, going out dancing w/ the girls, going to concerts & photographing bands, taking hikes w/ my husband Max, and playing tabletop games w/ other hipster nerds. I love the wonderful diversity of human experience and seek out new fun things to do. Photo collaborations are fun for me--I love my job more than words can describe. Thank you to all of my clients; I sincerely enjoy the magic we create together. P.S. I love people who like to have a good time. <--- yeah, that's a link to the Offbeat Bride blog about MY wedding! :) I desperately want to photograph more LGBT, country, and offbeat weddings with a crazy theme! No idea is too wacky! My ideal clients are authentic and awesome and love to have a good time. They may grow their own flowers, brew their own beer, or cater their wedding with BBQ and PBR cans. I love diversity. Also I love doing affordable courthouse and elopement packages on any day but Saturday. 

NOTE: The adjustments and enhancements I make to images are what the photography world knows as "post-processing," it's akin to what the photo labs used to do when printing images from negative. I change the color temperature and saturation to fit my artistic style, but I do not do any in-house retouching. Some clients want me to "Photoshop" them, or do professional retouching to their image to change their face or body to look less old, less large, etc. I do not offer ANY in-house photo retouching services. I work with a company who does this work for me for a fee, but I require clients to ask for work like this to be done, rather than me taking liberties to make changes without your consent. Or you might rather work with a photographer who is a retouching photoshop wizard. That is outside of my expertise and business model.  Oh Snap! philosophy is that everyone is beautiful at every stage in life. I bring my past life as a Women's Studies instructor at KU to the table with my philosophy concerning unrealistic/unhealthy beauty standards: Our wrinkles and bulges are part of us and I do not wish to put out images that perpetuates an unhealthy beauty standard. The adjustments and enhancements I make are to the photographic elements of a photograph, not the subjects themselves. Clients can add retouching on to any project. Here's pricing (per file) for some of our most common requests: swap heads/open eyes ($5), fix fly away hairs ($2.50), fix zits ($2.50), remove distracting background element ($10). Please inquire for pricing for other retouching requests. 

Who do you serve?: The Kansas state legislature almost passed a state law allowing local businesses to deny service to same-sex couples. Hence, I want to make it explicit: Oh Snap! Photography supports marriage equality and has and always will serve LGBT couples and families. We have photographed gay weddings, gay families, and families with transgender parent(s) and children since the beginning of being in business. Oh Snap! is a queer friendly business and celebrates the full spectrum of gender and sexual identities. We understand that some lesbian couples want to each have BRIDE glasses, while others might want to use BRIDE and GROOM glasses, while other might request both! We understand that genderqueer and other nonbinary people do not identify with either masculine or feminine gender expression; talk to us and we'll help pick out the right props for your shoot.

Serving: Lawrence, Kansas City, Topeka and beyond. No mileage fee charged for weddings within 60 miles of Lawrence, KS. For weddings more than 60 miles outside of Lawrence, there will be mileage costs added and a minimum of one night’s accommodation, usually the night before your wedding, contact me for more info.

Wedding Clients: For future clients, please look below to see if your date has been reserved, and get in touch with me to confirm if your date is available!: http://www.ohsnaphoto.com/contact.html

Photobooth Clients: More info on the photobooth can be found here: http://www.ohsnaphoto.com/photobooth-info

Portrait Clients: Session fees and packages can be viewed at: http://www.ohsnaphoto.com/investment


Apr 14: Lawrence, KS wedding photography at Victorian Veranda and Country Inn (Christina & Mike)

May 20: Lawrence, KS wedding photography at private residence (Shannon & Tai Amri)

June 1: Lawrence, KS wedding photography at Liberty Hall (Brian & Taylor)

June 2: Parkville, MO wedding photography at Wines by Jennifer (Gary & Kathy)

June 9: Lawrence, KS wedding photography at South Park and Culinaria (Greg & Dana)

July 21: Lawrence, KS wedding photography at Abe & Jake's (Kim & Jesse)

Aug 24: Kansas City, MO wedding photography at The Terrace on Grand (Cheyenne & Jon)

Sept 1: Lawrence, KS wedding photography at Van-Go (Katie & Arvelle)

Sept 5: Lawrence, KS wedding photography at private residence (Lee & David)

Sept 8: Kansas City, MO wedding photography at Hotel Phillips (Crystal & Jennie)

Sept 22: Ft. Collins, CO wedding photography at TBA (Stephy & Maggie - on hold)

Oct 6: Kansas City, MO wedding photography at Affäre (Nikki & Scott)

Oct 13: Excelsior Springs, MO wedding photography at The Elms (Yvonne & Sean)

Oct 20: Kansas City, MO wedding photography at The Scarritt Building (Bailey & John)

Nov. 3: Kansas City, KS wedding photography at The Vox (Ash & Megan)

Dec 15: Weston, MO wedding photography at Eventful at Locust Grove (Jeremy & Bobby)

Dec 30: Overland Park, KS wedding photography at Congregation Beth Torah (Henri & Ben)

Dec 31: Lawrence, KS wedding photography at Carnegie Building (Bea & Tyler)


May 4: Lawrence, KS wedding photography at Baker Wetlands Discovery Center (Jennifer & Omar)

June 29: Lawrence, KS wedding photography at private residence (Julie & Zachary)