Senior Portraits

I took Senior Portraits against a cheesy backdrop of fake trees in the library of my high school. The photographer's hands smelled of cigarettes and cologne, which I remember because he touched me (ick!) as he rearranged my posture to pose me for his picture. He tilted my head and made me put my hands in this super awkward demure position. The end result: pictures I never want to show anyone, though a giant framed print still hangs in my parents' house two decades later. My goal: to not do this to you. Instead, what if we had fun together and took photos in cool locations? What if we collaborated on all the outfits, backdrops, props, and ideas around the shoot? What if we only did things YOU wanted to do?

My goal is to make this the least awkward Senior Portrait experience we can. We can start off meeting each other for a consultation at my office above Cider Gallery or we can just exchange emails to get you prepped for your shoot. You can change clothes and bring props and are welcomed to be involved in what locations we choose. Sessions range from $300-750, depending on how much time we shoot and how many final images you pick for editing. After our session, I will give you online access to a password protected album that shows you all of the proofs from our session. You get to pick 10-50 images, depending on your package, and I will edit those for you. I then deliver all of your files on a USB drive or through online download and then you can order prints and products on your own, or I can assist you with your order. 

I work with a lot of transgender and gender non-binary senior portrait clients. I am a LGBTQIA+ friendly company and can promise you: I will respect your gender identity and presentation, no matter how you identify! We are completely LGBTQIA+ inclusive and work with LGBTQIA+ youth from all over Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. I have also worked with clients on the autism spectrum and with clients who have other special needs and considerations. Feel free to talk openly to me, I am a non-judgmental person and affirming of difference. 

Here's some samples from past Senior Portrait Sessions: