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Photos by Ailecia Ruscin on behalf of and OH! SNAP! PHOTOGRAPHY (based in Lawrence, KS) at the inaugural Kanrocksas Music Festival held at the Kansas Speedway on August 5-6, 2011 in Kansas City, KS. Free downloads! Cheap prints! Order a magnet with your pic! They look awesome!

Guestbook for The Inaugural Kanrocksas Music Festival!
Ailecia Ruscin, the photographer(non-registered)
All of the photos are now up from the 2011 Kanrocksas Music Festival!
Ailecia Ruscin, photographer(non-registered)
Saturday's pics are going up now! Expect them to load through the evening! The last stuff I shot was at the campground stage around midnight.
Ailecia Ruscin, photographer(non-registered)
Hi all! I just wanted to let you know that what you are seeing as of 6PM on Wed is the first half of the photos from Kanrocksas--all from Friday. I'll post Saturday's pics as soon as I can! Too much work at my jobby job. Please help support my photo biz by buying prints and cool photo products like magnets and greeting cards! Enjoy the pics! Would anybody like me to create a book to sell through lulu?
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