Oh Snap!'s Favorite Photo Locations in Kansas City

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Oh Snap!'s Favorite Photo Locations in Kansas City

When doing shoots in Kansas City we have so many different locations to choose from. I wanted to make a handy visual reference to help future clients pick their favorite spots. Here's a few of my favorites. I am always excited to photograph in a new location, so don't hesitate to bring up your favorite neighborhood, dive bar, or coffee shop as a backdrop for your photo session.

Classic / Timeline Locations

Kaufmann Center for the Performing Arts: the architecture at this iconic KC location is perfect for formal portraits, the more dressed up your outfits, the better. I really love using it for couple's portraits and wedding party portraits on the wedding day. This would be a great spot for an extended family portrait session, especially if everyone is dressed up. 



Liberty Memorial: I love to photograph Liberty Memorial at sunset and into dusk. It's also the best place to catch a full sunset in the sky. It's also an easy go-to spot to capture the Kansas City skyline in photos. One downside to this location is that there are always a lot of people around and it requires a 5-10 minute walk from where you can park to where we will want to shoot. Liberty is a great place for wedding day photos as well as for engagement portraits. 




Nelson-Atkins Museum: the exterior of the Nelson-Atkins is a great place to do photography. It does require that I register the day of to photograph there. So we need to account for an extra 15-20 minutes to get that approval, unless we go on a Sunday when they are closed! This is a great location for wedding day portraits as well as for engagement portraits. The iconic shuttlecocks are also a great feature to use, as well as the gardens and the architecture.

Union Station: to shoot inside Union Station requires a photo permit of $25 for groups less than 10 and $75 for groups larger than 10 people. But this is a great spot for indoor portraits, so I keep it in mind for rain days. It is rather dark inside, so I will need to bring in a bunch of lighting for larger groups. Here's a few samples:


The Plaza: The Plaza area is always full of people, but the tiles and fountain are a great spot for engagement portraits! 


The Scout: The Scout is unique location because it gives us a great view of the city's skyline from further away. It can feel a little sketchy at night, as it's a hot spot for night drinking.


Urban Locations 

Crossroads District: The Crossroads District provides a great view of the Kansas City that so many of us love. From street art to interesting architecture and just an overall more urban look, I love to use the Crossroads District for anything from wedding party portraits to senior portraits to artist and musician promo shots. 


The West Bottoms: I have loved shooting in the West Bottoms since the early 2000's when the neighborhood was mostly empty. Now it's a bustling hot spot for photographers; it's a great place for bright color doors, bridges, and urban architecture as backdrop. It's my favorite spot for senior portraits, family portraits, and artist/musician promo shots. 



Other neighborhoods I'd like to shoot more in: Power & Light District, Westport, any neighborhood YOU love.


Loose Park: Loose Park is a classic KC location for portraits. From the gardens, to the terraces, and fountain and pond with bridges, the whole thing is a great photo location. Great for weddings and engagement and family portraits. 




Out of the Box Locations

The Colonnade: This is a favorite location of mine because of the architecture and because it is so rarely used by other photographers. It's great for the mix of nature and classic architecture. 


This is nearby at the Kansas City Museum:

Town Topic: I am in love with their retro sign. I think it's just the best as a casual shout out to KC! 


Kansas City has the best murals and they are everywhere! 





The Kansas Side

Prairie Fire Museum: This location is beautiful because of the gorgeous rainbow tiles of the building. Great for headshots and wedding party portraits.


Ernie Miller Nature Park: This is a great raw natural location for beautiful portraits. My favorite spot for JOCO area family portraits. 






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